Peter Gets Gassed by Stewie!

There already was nearly half of a new Family Guy episode that was dedicated to making fun of the popular MTV show, “Jackass.” However, I think that the creators of the show deemed that this one episode in particular just wasn’t enough of a homage to the show’s greatness and decided that in an even more recent episode—they are both in the same, newer seventh season of Family Guy—that they should reiterate another classic jibe from the hit MTV parody! I will get to this in just a moment, but first…

Total Spin-Off from ‘Jackass’ the TV Show!
If you recall the newer episode, it begins by the Peter and his friends watching the show on MTV. Then they decide that they should try some of the stunts on their own, as that skull and crossbones warning before the show airs simply means, at least in Peter’s mind, that you should always attempt such stunts at home. Within the first few minutes, Peter careens off his rooftop in a shopping cart and breaks his neck and spine in multiple locations. So, as you can see, the show already has dedicated nearly an entire episode in recent memory to making fun of the show, “Jackass.”

New Episodes of Family Get Getting Funnier, More Outlandish

Paramount to both episodes that reference the show Jackass, it is seemingly obvious that the show Family Guy is indeed getting funnier by the show. Each episode seems to place the bar higher and higher. Maybe they sit around a table and ask such questions as, “ Who can we offend this time around, and how can we get away with doing it, and will Fox accept it?” Who knows! But one thing is for sure, we are all glad as hell that they keep on making new episodes for us to enjoy!

Hilarious Clip Below (Courtesy of!
In this clip, courtesy of, Meg has gotten sick with the Mumps. As she lies in bed, her face swollen like a chipmunk, Stewie and Brian are making fun of her. Then Peter, donned in an old school underwater suit to avoid catching the mumps, decides to help her eat. Stewie unplugs the air cord and passes gas into it, which then causes Peter to vomit and pass out! This clip mimics a classic skit from the first movie, “Jackass.” It is imbedded below, so enjoy!