The Worst And Best Characters

How would you rate the characters of Family Guy?

Every character on Family Guy has has some pretty terrible moments. That's the nature of the show, and it wouldn't be funny if characters didn't have flaws or get into shenanigans every once in a while. There are also way too many characters to analyze every single person on the show. That said, most fans could probably rank their top 25 characters. 

Most of us know how we'd rank the Griffins, but what about Trish Takanawa, or God? Where would Death fall in the ranks--or Santa, for that matter? Many people love old recurring guests like the Mayor and Peter's boss just because of their voice talent, but what about the actual characters themselves?

Would you agree with this ranking of the top 25 most popular Family Guy characters on the show? If not, how would you rearrange them--or who would you choose as a more popular character? Tell us in the chat. 

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Lois Will Stay Through The Laughs

If Family Guy loses its edge, Alex Borstein says she'll call it quits

When thinking about leaving the show, Alex Borstein of Family Guy has a pretty simple test for the show to pass or fail: If it continues to be fresh and funny, and the writers can continually deliver, she'll stay on to voice Lois Griffin. If she's not "laughing out loud," though, watch out--she might take her leave!

Borstein is a hilarious actor but did you know that she also works as a staff writer and producer on the show? It's really no wonder why. Anyone who has seen Borstein in action, such as her character on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, already knows how talented and funny she is. Lois has always been my favorite character on the show, and as soon as I saw Borstein in an action role I knew why. She's just got that comedic spark that I love.

What do you think of Borstein's litmus test of whether or not to continue with the show? Do you have your own test for whether or not to stick with the show? Share it in the chat!

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Family Guy Goodies for Valentine's Day

What have you found so far?

It would be just like Peter to forget a holiday and not have a gift ready in time, so if you're still scrambling for Valentine's Day, never fear! There are lots of fun ideas to get Family Guy goodies for your Valentine, from apparel to games, DVDs to toys, but there are some items that are made for couples you may be interested in, too.

This Family Guy-themed Valentine card, for example, is a great place to start. It's perfect for the person who literally loves potty humor! These Family Guy portraits make a really good gift. You just send in your photo and get it remade as a custom Family Guy-style couple, family or person. Then there's this cute Stewie-style frame that is great for framing any Family Guy-style photos in!

Have you found any other cool Family Guy gifts for Valentine's Day? Share what you've run across or purchased in the chat. 

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Family Guy Calls Today Show "Nonsense People"

The Today Show took it in stride

When you get roasted by a show like South Park, SNL or Family Guy, the most graceful thing you can do is laugh along like you normally would at a roast. Folks who protested their mockery have only been met with more mockery in kind, so it makes sense that most people simply laugh along and don't take it personally.

Al Roker was recently one of these people. He celebrated, saying, "Yes! We made Family Guy!" when Peter and the gang recently poked fun at the Today Show. Peter said, "I saw it on the Today Show," while arguing with Lois. Lois's hilarious response? "Second hour with Hoda and Savannah, or third hour with the nonsense people?" The quick quip gave show runners a good laugh.

What other jokes have you enjoyed on Family Guy most recently? What parts of the show have you found the funniest this season so far? Share your favorite moments in the chat. 

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Family Guy Cupcake Food Toppers

Have you seen these bubble-headed baubles?

It's always fun to scout the web to find the latest Family Guy collectibles, merch and gifts. Sometimes we run across the oddest items, or the really popular ones--like Peter-themed blankets and shirts that make you look like Peter Griffin himself! Etsy shop CollectsNHobbies is offering a unique set of cupcake toppers in the style of the family right now that fit this unique bill.

This set of 8 Family Guy cake toppers features each member of the Griffin family, including three different versions of Stewie--one of which is in his devil form! The toppers are delightfully round and cute, arriving in balls that you piece together to create the figures themselves. The shop also offers a set of mini figurine-like cupcake toppers.

Have you run across any other cute or unique Family Guy-themed gifts lately? What kinds of Family Guy merch have you bought yourself or seen while shopping? Share what you've found in the chat. 

Family Guy Finds at 5 Below

What have you found at the store?

Family Guy merch is widely available online, but it's not often seen in all of the brick and mortar stores. Not so at 5 Below! My family and I have frequently seen Family Guy Merch at the store alongside other fun pop culture gifts and it's usually a great place to find Family Guy-themed goodies for everyone who likes them.

In the past, we've seen everything from pens to keychains, magnets to posters and t-shirts at the shop. It's been a while since we've gone inside the store but right now 5 Below has this adorable Stewie ornament that would be great on a tree as well as anywhere else in your home. I like to put my minifigs like this in planters with my plants! 

What other cool Family Guy items have you seen at 5 Below in the past? What have you seen available at other unexpected stores? Share your finds in the chat. 

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Family Guy Socks

Which ones do you like the best?

Character socks are such a fun way to celebrate a favorite fandom, and so many fandoms offer everything from a variety of socks to countdowns featuring favorite characters these days. Family Guy is no different, and they have plenty of various socks to choose from for fans who enjoy shoving Brian, Peter and Stewie into their socks!

These socks featuring Stewie are a fun example. Stewie is in his world domination glory in these adult crew socks, claiming "Victory shall be mine!" on one pair while slyly grinning on the other pair. These socks featuring Brian, Peter and Stewie as superheroes are really fun, as are these really cool socks featuring Quahog tabloids on them. This set of various cartoon characters on crew socks features several Family Guy characters, too, including Meg!

Which Family Guy socks do you like best? Where have you found cool Family Guy socks for yourself or your loved ones? Share them in the chat. 

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The Worst of the Worst

What's the worst thing your favorite character has done?

Analyzing our favorite characters and finding out everything from what zodiac sign they'd be (sure, Stewie's likely a Scorpio, but I bet he's a Capricorn rising!) to their favorite color is fun pastime for many people. We love to think about what the worst and best things they've ever done are only to be shocked when they do something even more outrageous in the future.

Recently there was a breakdown of the worst things that Brian has ever done and there have been some doozies! Brian is a terrible father who's landed people in jail, lusted after underage characters, let people die and more. He's also always lusting after Lois, which is pretty rotten considering he's supposed to be Peter's BFF. 

What do you think the worst thing Brian has ever done is? Take it a step further and tell us what you think the worst thing each character in Family Guy has ever done in the chat! 

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Family Guy Goodies at Amazon

Share any merchandise deals you find in the chat.

Lots of stores feature different fun Family Guy merchandise. is only one of the most obvious stores, but they happen to have a lot of items Family Guy fans would love. One of their coolest items is a set of 100 Family Guy laptop stickers that can be used for anything. They work great on laptops but you can use them on notebooks, bicycles and all kinds of things.

Most people already know that they can buy individual episodes or seasons of Family Guy to watch from their Amazon accounts. At Season 15 of Family Guy, for example, is $19.99. This is a convenient way to add the series to your account to watch whenever you like without getting a bulky set of DVDs. Then again, multiple seasons on DVD can be purchased at the same price. Seasons 10 through 14 of Family Guy is just one example.

Amazon also has cute Stewie Griffin pillows, blankets, vinyl toys and other merchandise. What other cool Family Guy items have you found for sale at Share your favorites in the chat.

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Your Weirdest Family Guy Theories

Which ones sound plausible to you?

Fan theories are so much fun to explore, unless a theory or two seems so real, so plausible, that it ruins the entire show for you. What if, for example, Family Guy only exists in Stewie's head, and the entire show is just him making sense of the world in his own twisted way. And what if Stewie isn't even a baby during all of this, but a man in a coma? Fan theory possibilities are endless, which is what makes them so dangerous!

There are outrageous Family Guy fan theories all over the Internet, from the idea of Brian being a human in a dog's body to the show being some kind of Family Guy inception, where it's a show within a show that Brian is writing. Each theory is wilder than the next, with some of them coinciding in the same universe. 

What are the weirdest fan theories you've heard of? What fan theories do you hold regarding the show? Share them in the chat. 

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