Your Favorite Character With No Name

You know, that one guy...

It's funny, the other day I was thinking about how fun it is to analyze the zodiac signs of different characters and I thought what if we analyzed the little nameless characters on shows that we love but have no idea about? We get a glimpse here and there without really knowing anything about these characters... Anyway I had that thought and this list rating the best unnamed characters was published!

Most of the best no-name characters are definitely in this list, but I wanted to see who you thought were the best characters on the show without a name. The fact that many of these are the "Other" version of main characters kind of gives them a name anyway, right? 

So who are your favorite no-name characters and why? Tell us in the chat.

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Styling Family Guy Characters

Share your favorite twists!

One of the greatest things about sharing fandoms online is the opportunity to really play with them. Some people like to give the characters their own theme song or imagine their zodiac or car, house, job, etc. if they were real. Some like to put them in fanfiction stories. Some even reimagine them crossed with other fandoms.

That last one is really fun to explore. Odds are someone has crossed your favorite character from Family Guy with some random fandom--and you can guarantee that most fandoms have been crossed with Disney characters! It's easy to get lost in a rabbit hole of this wonderful weirdness.

What is your favorite fan style of a Family Guy character? Share it in the chat! 

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Family Guy: Freakin' Party Pack

Do you own one?

Have you ever seen the Family Guy: Freakin' Party Pack that went for sale in 2007? At the time, the collector's item contained most of the episodes released, but given that 14 years have almost passed, the set certainly isn't a complete one. However, it was a big collector's item because it came with a bunch of bonus extras.

While I've seen the set go for around $80 on various websites, it's selling for nearly $400 on Amazon, making it a real collector's item. Although there were some complaints regarding the difficulty people had using the carrying case, it also had lots of novelty items with the show's theme, like ping pong balls, playing cards and poker chips.

Do you own one of these sets, or another cool Family Guy set? Share it in the chat!

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Family Guy Approaches Season 20

Are you favorite Fox shows on the chopping block?

Did anyone really wonder if Family Guy would be renewed for another season or not? It's still raking in the good reviews and viewers, so most people probably won't be surprised by the news. But how did other Fox shows fare when it came to contract renewal time?

The Resident, the 911 shows and Lone Star, which are all pretty on brand for the network, have all been predictably renewed. Duncanville, Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons and Call Me Kat are all returning. Fans of Prodigal Son and Bless the Harts may be sad to hear those two shows were cut.

Are your favorite Fox programs going to return? Share your thoughts about the upcoming season in the chat.

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Weirdest Hidden Details On Family Guy

What have you noticed over the years?

While I'm a pretty oblivious person when it comes to hidden details in movies and TV shows, my partner is one to catch everything he sees right away. It's pretty impressive, especially when I didn't even see what he's talking about, let alone understand its meaning. Super fans often find these types of details better than anyone else; of all the shows I've watched, catching them in Castle Rock was the easiest for me, for example.

When I saw this list of hidden details about Family Guy I was amazed that people noticed some of them, too. I never even noticed how many rooms the house has, for example. It seems very unlikely for a home like that to have so many, but hey, every evil mastermind needs a lair or two.

What hidden details have you caught about Family Guy over the years? Share them in the chat.

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Family Guy Emmy Mailers Replaced By Covid PSAs

Get vaccinated!

How vaccinations became a political issue used to be beyond me, but having seen so many things become political in the past few years, I wouldn't be surprised if dentistry for sloths became a divisive issue tomorrow. (Let's not forget that Black people have plenty of reasons to mistrust vaccines based on their past history with the American government and doctors.)

Still, the fact that so many people are refusing to get vaccinated that it's going to prevent us from achieving herd immunity is a dagger in that shield of hope we started to form last month, and any encouragement for the population to join in is good at this point.

Family guy seems to support this idea as well since they are using their usual Emmy mailer campaign time to send another message: Stewie Griffin wants you to get the Covid-19 vaccine. And if Stewie wants you to have it, it's got to be important, right? He's an evil genius, after all. So make Stewie happy and get the shot!

Have you gotten yours yet? Tell us in the chat.

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Family Guy Gender Swap

Who would you cast?

My teen and I love to do re-casting of favorite movies and TV shows. It's something we often do during lunchtime while we talk about who would be a great fit for different roles. For example, today we re-cast Scooby Doo as follows: 

Fred: Sigourney Weaver

Daphne: Lil Nax X (who also provides the theme song)

Velma: Elliot Page

Shaggy: Leslie Jones

Scooby: Melissa McCarthy

President/Person Who Hires The Gang: Ming-Na Wen

Villain: Michelle Pfeiffer, who plays the best baddies ever

With this in mind, how would you re-cast a gender-swapped Family Guy? I think Kate McKinnon would make a great Chris. What about Octavia Spencer as Peter? Hmm, she's way too evolved for the role, although I think she could add to the humor. Maybe someone a little more slapstick?

Who would you cast in an updated Family Guy?

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The South Park/Family Guy Feud

Parker and Stone say it's one-sided

A fight isn't really a feud when one side ignores the other side, right? That's what Trey Parker and Matt Stone say about Family Guy. Their hatred of the show runs deep and stems from their lack of respect for it, but they also say they don't know anyone who works there so it's not some personal beef. They also say that Family Guy staff are paid more and don't make a peep about them in return because they're just not on their radar.

Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane says he doesn't understand the hatred from the men, although he thinks their critique episode was spot-on. He says he'd love to find out where the hate comes from, although Parker and Stone have said it's because they don't respect the show at all. What do you think he means by that?

What did you think of the South Park spoof of Family Guy? Which show do you prefer?

Fancy Family Guy Collectibles

Share what you've got!

While I'm not one to buy many fancy collectibles aside from the occasional Funko Pop or stickers, I know many fans who love to collect lots of cool items that represent their favorite fandom. There are so many incredible Family Guy collectibles on the market that it's hard to even keep track of them all.

Take this Family Guy pinball machine. At almost $9,000 it's out of most people's price range, but how many would love to have it in their house to play on the regular? It's a pretty cool find. How about this bronze Peter as Buddha statue? It's more affordable at $35 and definitely speaks of the show's irreverence.

What is your fanciest or most prized Family Guy collectible? Share it in the chat.

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Family Guy Hoodie Makes You Look Like Peter

Would you wear it?

This trend of creating a character costume and just sticking it on a hoodie or t-shirt is genius! I love all of the comic ones the best; I've seen X-Men, Deadpool and plenty of other cool examples and I'd wear any of them. Now I've seen a Peter Griffin hoodie!

This hoodie looks just like Peter, chin and all, and it's so baggy that it even retains his shape no matter your figure. It's a fun idea for a quick costume or just a way to pay homage to your fandom. I'm sure if they don't already exist, other versions with different characters will follow suit. As much as I love Lois, I think Stewie must be the most fun one to wear. How about you?

Do you have any great Family Guy clothing? Share your favorite items in the chat.

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