Adult Swim Says Adieu

Family Guy leaves the network

Everyone's talking about Seth MacFarlane's PSA, but Adult Swim has one of their own. It's a fond farewell to Family Guy after 18 years of the show airing on the channel. The show's syndication will now occur on FXX and Freeform rather than the place where so many of us got to know it in the first place, so it's a sad moment for many fans, too.

I'd laugh if you told me it would be an emotional video, butit really is! The video features a bunch of other characters waving goodbye right before Stewie waves back and... wow. Either I'm feeling super sentimental or it's symbolic of so many changes we're experiencing right now. Does anyone else feel like they've already been through a lifetime of changes in just two years and that they could really use a pause?

Will you miss Family Guy on Adult Swim? Share your thoughts in the chat.


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New Family Guy Covid Vaccine PSA

Do you think it will help?

If the nation's leading medical experts, scientists and doctors from around the world aren't enough to convince someone to get the Covid-19 vaccine, do you think their favorite animated characters could get the job done? That's what Family Guy producers must be hoping with this new animated PSA featuring Brian, Stewie and Peter Griffin.

As Peter debates whether or not to get the vaccine, the two members of the family who aren't even elligible to receive it explain to him how it works. Peter then opts to get the shot when their simple answer gives him the information he needs. Maybe the PSA will be helpful for some people--some of the country's leading immunologists and epidemiologists helped make it, after all--but it's Family Guy, so you have to wonder if they were also poking something else along the way. After all, shouldn't everyone know how the vaccine works? It's been explained over and over again...

Hopefully the PSA will do some good. What did you think of it?

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Fox Says Family Guy Is Important to Network

Network President says the show is important to Fox's future

How many people tune in to watch Family Guy or other adult cartoon programming but otherwise despise the Fox Network? Chances are there are a lot of them, especially given how much more liberal most of the shows are compared to the news network. That's why it's so ironic to hear the network president say that Family Guy and The Simpsons are so important for the company's future.

Based on the popularity of these shows, Fox is already producing more animated series, and the president knows exactly what they're doing. This humorous animated hold they have on otherwise liberal Americans is all they have linking them to the network. If they took away their cartoons, the viewers would have no choice but to rise up and block it from their TVs as well as their parents'.

All joking aside, MacFarlane himself doesn't like that Fox is attached to his show, so its hold is ironic in other ways, too. Would you watch the network without its animated programming? Why or why not?

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First Look at Fall Shows

Family Guy, Simpsons and More

There's not much more time to wait when it comes to fall programming, and that includes all of the popular adult animation returning to the air. In addition to the veterans Family Guy and The Simpsons, several other shows have joined the popular genre and there are now previews to them all available for excited viewers eagerly anticipating the new season.

This Fox preview features a bunch of fun images of these shows and I bet I'm not alone when I say I didn't even notice Meg. I thought... will Meg just be away at college or something this season? She's there. You just have to look for her.

Which show are you most excited about? Are there any you haven't tried yet that you hope to catch this fall? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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Family Guy Cast Announcements

Only a few weeks of waiting remain!

Just a few weeks remain to see the premiere of the next season of Family Guy and Fox has some exciting announcements for fans who eagerly await what season 20 has in store for them. Spoiler: Stewie is supposed to say his first word this season, and it's going to be a doozy! 

Fans may already know that Arif Zahir is replacing the voice of Cleveland during this new season, a welcome step forward in ensuring that people of color actually play... people of color, which seems like the bare minimum for any program. Yet still the issue persists. 

What other updates have you heard about the show? Any special guests you hope return during the 20th season? Share your thoughts and hopes in the chat.

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Family Guy is Almost a Month Away

Is your calendar marked?

Family Guy's fall premiere is just over a month away. Do you have your calendar marked? The season premieres on September 26 at 9:30, 8:30 Central. While you wait, you can watch episodes on Hulu at any time. You can also play around on the show's Twitter account, where there are lots of fun memes to caption.

Plenty of other favorite Fox shows will be premiering the same evening. Great North Fox, Bob's Burgers, and of course The Simpsons will all also be returning on Sundays this fall on the network. Other networks also have adult animation debuting or returning this fall, so be sure to share your favorites (and season premiere reactions) here.

Which show are you looking forward to the most? Which one do you not care very much about? Share them in the chat. 

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Family Guy Plushies

Which ones have you collected?

Family Guy merch can be just as bright, funny, and obnoxious as the show itself. So many adult arcades have Family Guy plushes in their claw machines and it's easy to get addicted to collecting the stuffies. Of course, if you never did get the claw machine down or you just want to find matching plushies for your collection, you can always just buy some, too.

This enormous Stewie Griffin stuffie would be an awesome addition to any collection. There are even mega-sized Brian ones! I've seen lots of Griffin family stuffies with suction cups on their hands and feet to display in car windows, too. 

Which Family Guy plushies do you own? Which ones do you hope to add to your collection? Share them in the chat!

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Megyn Kelly Responds to Seth MacFarlane

She has "no tolerance for that."

After Seth MacFarlane said he regrets signing up with Fox to run Family Guy, which earned him hundreds of millions of dollars over the years, Megyn Kelly, a former news host at Fox, said that she had "no tolerance for that," and that MacFarlane had made gazillions off Fox. She then went on to say that you can't wait until a company makes you rich before badmouthing them.

I never thought I'd agree with Megyn Kelly but she's got a point. MacFarlane has several liberal views but waited until the opinion of one guy from the network to say he wanted to distance himself from it? The network has had disgusting views for many years and MacFarlane certainly could've issued those regrets much sooner. It leads us to the question of whether or not there really are any ethical rich people, and if you can even become rich without causing great harm. 

What do you think about MacFarlane's tweet and Kelly's response? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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Seth MacFarlane's Fox Regrets

Family Guy creator wishes he'd severed ties

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane made some comments on Twitter about how he not only wishes that his show were no longer on the Fox network, but that he would prefer it to be on any other network other than the one that hosts Tucker Carlson. The comment was made following another Carlson tweet that MacFarlane didn't agree with.

MacFarlane has been voicing his support for the Covid-19 vaccine while Carlson has been actively speaking against it, despite widespread approval among the scientific community. MacFarlane is against Carlson's reckless behavior and said that the show and Fox's "marriage isn't working anymore."

What other Seth MacFarlane appearances or quotes have you read lately? Share them in the chat.

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Family Guy Vs. South Park

Which do you enjoy more?

While it's been years since I've seen an episode of South Park, the other day I ended up running across one and I remembered how much I loved it in my 20s. I think the sheer ridiculousness of it speaks to me; people are destroyed in one episode only for it to not even be mentioned in another, everything is completely absurd while still giving relevant social commentary, and sometimes it's just so surprising that you can't help but laugh.

Take the episode with Korn and Kyle's dead grandmother, for example. It is just the most outrageous thing on Earth. Both The Simpsons and Family Guy, as absurd as they are, still often maintain a foot in reality whereas South Park will just tread completely past reality. They literally did this in the Imaginationland episode.

Both shows definitely have their drawbacks and perks, but which is better? Share your favorite in the chat.

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