No More Trans-phobic Jokes

So much for not throwing jokes at LGBTQ people anymore, eh, Family Guy? What a disappointment it was to see the show make fun of trans people, not only making it a joke for Brian to sleep with a trans woman but to imply that it's "heroic," and that it's okay for a trans person to look at porn at the bar because they can "do whatever they want." As someone with gender fluid people in my life whom I worry about because the opposite is actually true, and because trans women are murdered every week, I'm outraged over this.

Best Episode By Season

The latest trend is to rate and rank everything on the Internet, which is fun unless you're looking to see what a movie's rating is and you need to know if it's PG-13 or not for the teenagers hanging out with your kid and all you can see is that it's got a 63% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes... Otherwise, it's really fun to analyze our media this way and see what everyone's opinions are.

Family Guy Needs...

When a show has been on the air as long as Family Guy, sometimes things get stale and need a bit of shaking up. Showrunners have definitely done that a time or two, but many fans still have things they really want to see happen on the show. In my case, I have always wanted better stories for Meg. Sometimes she gets them, but most of the time she's just kicked around and it irritates me because there's no real good reason to not like her. 

Worst Family Guy Storylines

When it comes to shows like Family Guy, it's really no surprise when things don't age as well as they do in other, more timeless programs. That's because of the risque nature of the show, which always strives to be edgy in the first place. We can analyze every season and point out things that really don't work well today, but we can do the same with things that still stand the test of time, to be fair.

Simpsons Did It!

Let's face it: there's no such thing as a completely, 100% original idea. All artists steal from other artists, and any good artist will admit it. Even George RR Martin's epic fantasy A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) is basically the retelling of the actual War of the Roses with a bunch of Tolkien and other authors' fantasy elements thrown in. 

Brian Griffin Gives Snoop Dogg A Run For His Money

Brian Griffin is the favorite Family Guy character for many a fan. He's often the voice of reason for the family (except when he's really, really not), he's a writer who procrastinates and drinks like so many other writers do, and he's Stewie's best buddy in the most hilarious way. But did you know that Brian is also adept at the art of singing classic Snoop songs like "Deep Cover"?

How Much Family Guy Cast Members Make

It seems like actors, athletes and other celebs make a gross amount of money, especially with as much work as it seems like they put in. But I think the cost of their privacy alone, which is a highly valuable commodity today, is much steeper. Still, it's interesting to see the "net worth" of various celebs, including those who provide vocal talents for Family Guy.


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