Family Guy Holiday Gifts

Now that every store has morphed itself into Santa's workshop long before the turkey has even entered the oven, it's time to start planning those holiday gifts. If you have a Family Guy fanatic on your list, you already know that there are so many items to choose from, whether you're shopping online or at the store. Luckily the show has such a heavy fan following that it also comes with some pretty heavy merchandising, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding the perfect present. The most difficult decision will be narrowing down each gift to the person it fits best!

Family Guy Halloween Ideas

Are any of you Family Guy fanatics planning on celebrating the show in costume this Halloween? There are more Family Guy costumes available than I ever even knew. Looking for one today, I saw that there's even a "woman's Brian costume" that's pretty much just a white dress with boots, ears and a martini glass! You can get masks for a lot of characters, too, like Stewie and Quagmire.

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