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Peter Griffin Grievances

Love or hate Family Guy, most people cannot deny that Peter Griffin is one of the biggest tools on TV. He’s so terrible that you almost pity him; exactly what goes on in that brain? We all pity Lois, for sure, and wonder just why she married him in the first place. Perhaps she really wanted a child and couldn’t wait to get pregnant so she married a completely helpless baby-man.

Family Guy Jokes About Flint Water

Stewie Griffin has never been a family-friendly, politically correct character. He’s obsessed with killing his mother and destroying the world in general. Since he’s a baby, the irony of his plotting is meant to be hilarious but it often comes off as hurtful. Some viewers may insist that people should just be able to “take a joke,” but others insist that some topics shouldn’t be made fun of.

"Space Cadet"

How many "jokes about raping children" is too many?

This episode had so much promise in the first act, but then it kind of fizzled. With such a strong start, coupled with the Bob's Burgers joke, I wonder if Family Guy isn't slipping in the ratings in its place right after Bob's Burgers. The time slot right after a strong show is often a terrible one; I have heard it called "the dog walking time slot." You watch a great show, then you go walk the dog during the next show, and come back for the one after that.

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