Another Family Values Guy Bows Out

Caught With His Values Down, With His Hypocrisy Showing

GOP "Family Values" Congressman, the conservative, Chris Lee of New York, resigned from the House yesterday. His resignation was "effective immediately," after he was caught in the midst of a sex? scandal involving, sending non family values e-mail correspondence and a shirtless photo of himself to a female, whom he met on online. The emails and the photo were published by Gawker.

The Conservative guy, a married dude, was carrying on an "Internet affair," using Craigslist, the adult classified section. He replied to an ad in the women looking for men section. After he was exposed, the gentleman, in a statement, said that "I have to work this out with my wife."

Former Political Figure Misses Point, Becomes Outraged

When I first arrived at the lavish Toronto hotel where Sarah Palin was staying I was greeted by a short Dominican woman who had been hired to occupy me and perform various other tasks for the former governor. I knew all of this, her job description and her ethnicity, because she explicitly told me so. That, too, was part of her job. Apparently Palin was running late because of an impromptu mani-pedi. I didn't much care. If it had been a Motel 6 maybe I'd have been a bit miffed, but this was the Windsor Arms. I sat back in a chair softer than the pads on the Dominican girl's shoulders and waited for my subject to arrive.

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