Is Family Guy Even Funny?

For a show that's meant to cause laughter and poke fun at everything from pop culture to social commentary, Family Guy isn't always as funny as it's supposed to be. Plenty of jokes, like the ongoing feud with Ernie the giant chicken, grow stale quickly, and in our current culture of #metoo confessions and nasty men you wouldn't want on the subway with your daughter being elected or appointed into powerful positions where they could regulate said daughter's vagina, jokes about perverts just aren't as funny as they used to be.

Family Guy Jokes About Flint Water

Stewie Griffin has never been a family-friendly, politically correct character. He’s obsessed with killing his mother and destroying the world in general. Since he’s a baby, the irony of his plotting is meant to be hilarious but it often comes off as hurtful. Some viewers may insist that people should just be able to “take a joke,” but others insist that some topics shouldn’t be made fun of.

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