Lois vs. Meg: What Gives

What are your thoughts?

Ask any fan of Family Guy about who is the hottest character on the show is and they will undoubtedly tell you it’s Lois, but ask the same group who the lamest character is and you will likely hear “Meg” as a common response. What gives?

Lois and Meg look a LOT alike, and in some ways, Lois is even more annoying than Meg. Both are more attractive and interesting than Peter and the couple’s dolt of a son, Chris, yet Meg is constantly made the butt of every joke. Once in a while she may get a comeuppance but generally speaking, she is the show scapegoat. Even the family dog is treated better than Meg—and even Meg’s future looks bleak.

Why do you think Meg is the ugly duckling of the show? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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My Name

I think people would only say Lois is hot and Meg is ugly because that's what the show says. Nobody actually thinks they are hot OR ugly. They're cartoons.


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