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Why not use Brian to tell people what's going on?

Why a show as liberal as Family Guy has turned the leftist, intelligent Brian into a pompous ass who doesn’t believe the rhetoric he repeats is beyond me.  Clearly the writers are Democrats.  Their constant mocking and criticism of the GOP or conservatism as a whole should confirm their political beliefs. 

Conservatism, centered on the idea that the government should mainly serve those who have the means to help themselves is idiotic.  The show once made people remember this.  Sure, in the northeast and west coast people get it.  But people in Middle America have been tricked into supporting the right. 

Low education rates cause a fear of change.  During the American Revolution, people deep inland from the coast often remained loyal to the king.  The people living in urban areas (the coast) knew that the cause was significant and required support.  Lacking education, the inlanders feared what they did not know.

Who could have ever imagined that the GOP could use talk about terrorism and lowering taxes to trick the working people of the interior and the south into voting for their own demise?  I hope now some of these people see what these corporate-owned crooks are after.  Our health care, our unions, but more so, the little bit of money that means the difference between our households getting by comfortably, versus just getting by.... if that.

It is a fact that the 400 richest Americans have as much money as the 150 million Americans on the other end of the spectrum. 

So back to the show.  They’ve turned Brian into an ass.  He used to bring stability and sense to the household, now he brings moral judgment.  Going to Brown, driving the Prius, smoking weed, conserving electricity, these are all shots at a certain type of person. 

Is this an attack on leftists?  In my opinion, they’re implying that those who believe in a government for the people just repeat what they hear. 

Maybe as Seth MacFarlane and the writers have become wealthy from their show’s success, they see things differently.  Maybe now they think the wealthy should pay the same amount in taxes as the working-poor. 

I bet you could devise a mathematical formula relating a person’s climb up the income ladder and adopting newly found conservative views.  Right?  Hearts blacken as net worth grows.  Of course some people actually understand the role of government and don’t change.  The new Brian would, though.