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"Leggo My Meg-O"

I am left to conclude that I have watched more Family Guy episodes than whoever wrote this script.
I… wow. I just… sometimes words fail me, you know? Everybody has their line with this show. And for me, I guess they crossed that line when one of the show's main characters was kidnapped and sold into the sex slave industry. For laughs.
To be fair, if the show tried to grapple with this issue in a serious way (the way it has recently tried to grapple with the ethics of the Iraq war, or with domestic abuse) the result would have been absolutely horrific. So maybe it's better that they played it for laughs? 

I mean, the problem is, this is a real thing that really happens. Women really are kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. The statistics on human trafficking are absolutely horrendous. I'm sure the show's creators are well aware of this. But is the audience? 
Okay, so, to judge the show on its own merits, regardless of my distaste for the subject, it was fairly competent. I had to roll my eyes at the fact that it heavily borrows from the movie Taken because, like… talk about the opposite of a timely, punchy reference. (Even when the movie was current, four years ago, it only received a 58% on
Also, it creates two bizarre call-backs, which are apparently unintentional? I am left to conclude that I have watched more Family Guy episodes than whoever wrote this script.
The first is the most obvious: Quagmire's line regarding the Asian sex slaves in his garage. (Something along the lines of, "You know that movie where Liam Neeson rescues his daughter from the kidnappers before they turn her into a sex slave? Those are the girls whose fathers didn't get them back." Sorry, I'm not having any luck Googling up the original.) This references both Taken and the sex slave industry, but from the other side. Didn't feel the need to bring that up in this episode, which is literally all about that? Well, okay.
And the second is the bit where Brian wants Stewie to put the trip on his card, but Stewie's like "I always feel that when we do that, I don't get paid back." But no mention of the epic beat-down when Stewie was collecting his $50 from Brian?
The biggest problem I had with this episode (aside from the fact that it parodies a movie I haven't seen and have no interest seeing) is that it never explains why everyone is trying so hard to get Meg back in the first place. You would think they would be all "Good riddance" at most, or completely fail to notice her absence at worst.