20 Greatest Family Guy Hits

Collection is now available

After 20 years, Family Guy is celebrating their 20 biggest hits with this DVD compilation of the show's episodes with hit song numbers. Yes, it's as cringey as it sounds, especially if you already own the DVDs otherwise, but hey, if you love the musical numbers than this is the collection for you! The collection boasts a bunch of extras, too, so maybe it's not just double what's already in your DVD collection. 

Some of the hits you can look forward to watching include "The FCC Song," "A Bag of Weed," and of course, "Shipoopi." Chances are if you've gotten it stuck in your head for a week following an episode, it will be on this DVD. The DVD costs just under $20 at Wal-Mart and is available now.

Have you seen the Greatest Hits collection? What did you think of it?

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