Brian Griffin Gives Snoop Dogg A Run For His Money

Have you seen this cover?

Brian Griffin is the favorite Family Guy character for many a fan. He's often the voice of reason for the family (except when he's really, really not), he's a writer who procrastinates and drinks like so many other writers do, and he's Stewie's best buddy in the most hilarious way. But did you know that Brian is also adept at the art of singing classic Snoop songs like "Deep Cover"?

The Internet is to thank for this new gem, not the actual show itself, but some of the funniest moments of Family Guy have indeed been fan-made rather than canonical, and this is one not to be missed. It makes us wonder what other cool Brian Griffin mashups are possible, and to not only dream of them but to put the challenge to other Family Guy fans to come up with their own funny videos!

So do you have any of your own to share? If so, post them in the chat, and if not, why not look some up and see what you find?


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