Chris As Quagmire's Secretary

All Kinds of Wrong

It's bad enough that so many women are willing to sleep with Quagmire as it is. (I'd ask how or why, but I've known too many people of all genders who have the same strange combination of appeal and disgusting personalities.) It's worse when he's so booked up with sexual partners that he hires Chris Griffin to be his secretary, managing all of his "dates" as they come and go.

If you watch the video you might notice a few inneuendos because of course it wouldn't be Quagmire without them. You have to wonder what he's paying Chris in, not to mention how Chris really enjoys the job. The panty fishbowl? Really? It's so gross it's hilarious.

What do you think of Quagmire's behavior? Is it funny, disgusting or both? Tell us in the chat.

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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