Christmas, Family Guy Style

Check the show's Twitter feed for some goodies

Did the Griffins forget to send you a holiday card this year? That's okay, you can totally check out their card, complete with Brian's sauced up eggnog and Chris's finger in his nose, on the show's Twitter feed. There are several other goodies there worth seeing, too, like your "present" from Peter. Trust us, it's not to be missed.

Then there's the Find the Meg game where you find out who the Meg in your family is. And no, they're not talking about Megaladon. There are all kinds of funny GIFs and stills from the episodes (including that beautiful and hilarious tribute that we bet Carrie Fisher would have loved) there, too, so be sure to check them out.

Did you get any Family Guy goodies for the holidays? Did you give any away as gifts?

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