Crimes On Family Guy

Really everyone on the show should be in jail

Have you ever noticed that everyone on Family Guy should really be in jail right about now? Every member of the cast is guilty of heinous crimes, some of them pretty serious, and Screen Rant even compiled a list of the worst ones that Stewie and Brian should be in trouble for, ranging from attempted murder to kidnapping. 

It's not even like any of the members of the family are innocent, either. Even Lois has done some law-breaking acts, like the time she lost her cool at Christmastime because there were no paper towels (admittedly, everything had gone wrong up until then, too, but she'd held the family together) and shimmied up the town tree to ruin Christmas like the Grinch himself.

Which crimes of Family Guy cast members do you think are the most heinous? What about crimes committed by supporting cast characters? Share your favorite moments (or least favorite, for that matter!) in the chat.

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