Details About Family Guy We Missed

This list will get you thinking

I love a list as much as the next person and this list of things we missed from Family Guy definitely got me thinking. It contains a bunch of fun Easter eggs, factoids and other tidbits about the show that I've honestly never even known or forgotten along the way. While most of this is, in fact, useless knowledge, trivia nights are all the rage right now and it wouldn't hurt to brush up on your Family Guy IQ just in case you need to prove your love of the fandom somewhere against someone else's. (Kidding, by the way!)

The reason Family Guy makes so many jabs against Star Wars, for example, is because George Lucas is a big fan of the show. That's not particularly revealing or anything, but did you know that Meg's real name isn't Meagan or even Megara, but Megatron? That makes me like her even more. I've always pitied poor Meg, whom I think is one of the coolest characters (definitely cooler than her brother Chris) and is often the scapegoat of the show.

What pieces of trivia did you already know? Are there any other fun ones you would have included on this list?

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