Is Family Guy Actually Any Good?

Some people are still wondering

Can you believe that Family Guy is 20 years old? It's amazing that it's been around this long, but people are actually still wondering whether or not it's actually any good. Yes, it makes us laugh sometimes, but a lot of the jokes feel recycled or like an attempt to be "edgy" when they really just come off as annoying. The Simpsons have had the same issue in the past with some viewers, as has the show South Park. Many of the shows that have previously been hailed as funny have come under scrutiny as audiences shift to new desires, and many of those stem from a more inclusive world.

This is a good thing, but it means that lazy comedy writers who previously wrote from a cis white het perspective and found nothing offensive to them now need to write more clever jokes to appeal to a more woke consumer. Again, it's a good thing, but it does make one wonder if a show that banked on offending people can find itself relevant in the modern world.

Is Family Guy any good? Do you still watch the show?

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