Family Guy Is Cutting Gay Jokes

Even Peter Griffin gets it

In the wake of so much upset over the new woke Gilette commercial about toxic masculinity, many of us are wondering how everything can be reframed with a positive masculine mindset. It's honestly not that hard to think of ideas, but it can be hard to break old habits and form new pathways--at least until they, too, become habits. It's like changing any other pattern of behavior and I can't commend Family Guy enough for deciding to nix the gay jokes. Show producers say that there are just jokes that they don't feel comfortable airing that they once did a decade ago and they're not going to use gay people as a punchline anymore.

This is such a breath of fresh air, and while there are still problematic elements to the adult animated comedy program, it's definitely a step forward that we can all appreciate. Some LGBT people absolutely love gay jokes while others despise them, and though it often depends on the context ultimately it should be LGBT people who get to joke about themselves alone. People are not a punchline. 

How else has Family Guy seemed to change over the years? For the better or for the worse? Tell us what you think.

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