Is Family Guy Even Funny?

Some former fans say no

For a show that's meant to cause laughter and poke fun at everything from pop culture to social commentary, Family Guy isn't always as funny as it's supposed to be. Plenty of jokes, like the ongoing feud with Ernie the giant chicken, grow stale quickly, and in our current culture of #metoo confessions and nasty men you wouldn't want on the subway with your daughter being elected or appointed into powerful positions where they could regulate said daughter's vagina, jokes about perverts just aren't as funny as they used to be. Instead, they just hit home and remind us how sucky the world is.

Many fans are expressing their done attitude with the show, clinging only to nostalgia when it comes to watching the program. With so many characters just miserable and cruel in a world that's already miserable and cruel, it seems as if there's a desperate overhaul needed if it's going to retain its viewership--especially if writers hope to reign in new, younger fans who, raised in a more woke culture, don't take kindly to traditional racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise inappropriate jokes.

Do you think Family Guy could use some updates? Do you think it's as funny as it's ever been?

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