Family Guy on Hulu

You'll have to subscribe to stream

Did you hear the news? Hulu has acquired exclusive streaming rights for Family Guy. That means if you want to catch all of the old episodes you'll have to get an account, which, at less than $8 per month, is a steal, especially if you can watch any episode you want at any time. It's even better than having the DVDs since you don't even have to get up to switch them to find your favorite episodes; you just surf through and pick them from the lineup. Side note--how many people out there will actually watch a movie on Netflix, Hulu or another service before popping in the DVD or Blu-ray even if you own it? I've been guilty of this before.

Family Guy is being joined by other grownup cartoons like King of the Hill and Bob's Burgers, which should make Hulu fans pretty happy. If you watched on another service it might ruffle your feathers a bit, and I know it's a bummer when your favorite show leaves your service. My family joined Prime JUST to watch Doctor Who after it left Netflix, after all.

Are you excited about this announcement? Will you be streaming Family Guy on Hulu?

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