Family Guy Makes Fun Of Everyone...

But does it really?

Family Guy would have you believe that it's much like South Park in that no one, not even its own actors and their faith, is safe from the cartoon's acerbic social commentary. That might be true on the surface, as people have pointed out this week while the show made fun of religious people, but deep down it's not the same caliber at all.

Family Guy routinely goes after marginalized people time and time again, even when they claim they won't do it anymore, while South Park has been praised for including them instead. Family Guy airs on Fox and often appears beholden to the company's point of view, which is usually a conservative one. They continue to make LGBTQ jabs to this day, refusing to realize that finding "offending people" funny is really just bullying and lazy joke writing in a really weak disguise.

Do you think South Park and Family Guy have much in common? Which is funnier (without taking cheap shots)?

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