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When a show has been on the air as long as Family Guy, sometimes things get stale and need a bit of shaking up. Showrunners have definitely done that a time or two, but many fans still have things they really want to see happen on the show. In my case, I have always wanted better stories for Meg. Sometimes she gets them, but most of the time she's just kicked around and it irritates me because there's no real good reason to not like her. 

Does it need more celeb voices? Seth McFarlane has already tied for the record of most voice-overs in the show, and it has had so many celebrity guests that it's hard to keep track of who hasn't been on the show just yet. What about more crossovers, pop culture references or big events like the Star Wars one? Maybe you think it just needs to end! If so, how should it end?

Share your most-wanted wish list items for the show in the chat!

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