Family Guy Pays Tribute to Carrie Fisher

And we all miss her again...

It's so easy for all of the feels regarding Carrie Fisher to pop up randomly, what with so much Star Wars merchandise, advertising and culture in general afoot. As much as the geek culture saturation is so exciting for those of us who used to hide our comic books in our math books to read at school, it's also always there, and we won't stop missing Leia anytime soon.

I'm glad that Angela, Peter's boss, actually died on the show instead of moving or something stupid. When an actor dies, it seems to honor them better if you retire the character they gave life to permanently as well. While Angela's death was silly (swimming after eating), Fisher probably would have laughed hard over it as well as the other words Peter had to say about his boss at her funeral. Some words were clearly about Fisher and not Angela, including, "I may have lost a boss but Heaven has gained a princess."

What did you think of the Carrie Fisher tribute on Family Guy? What would you have changed? 

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