How Does Family Guy Get To Be So Offensive?

Pretty much the same way comedians and other animated shows do

Do you ever sit back during an episode of Family Guy and think a joke is so terrible, so offensive (if not to you, then to many people) that you wonder how the heck they can even get away with it? While show runners have explained it away, it's really dumb logic: they say that it's because the joke was said by the cartoon, not by an "actual person." This is along the same lines comedians use when they say it's "just a joke."

This really doesn't make much sense. I'd much rather see them argue First Amendment rights than this because obviously there are writers behind the show to blame. If not, if we're arguing that these cartoons exist without humans creating them in the first place, that opens up a door for any cartoon to say anything, and why not add sitcoms and dramtic television? After all, those are just characters. 

Nope. Words have meaning and consequences, and free speech doesn't mean freedom from being chastised, hated, boycotted and asked to just do better, write less lazy jokes at the expense of other people (which, let's be clear, Family Guy has improved upon over the years) and really just produce good, quality content if it's going to be on TV in the first place.

Do you think anyone should get to say whatever they want without repercussions? In some societies, there is free speech law unless the speech results in harm or incites harm against someone. What do you think of that?

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