How Well Do You Know Lois Griffin?

Take the quiz and find out!

Online quizzes are abundant enough to come in a wide variety of qualities, yet they remain one of our favorite ways to celebrate our fandoms. Yesterday I bombed a tough Harry Potter quiz despite winning Harry Potter trivia at a local event so it just goes to show that it depends on how it's written, what you know and how big of a fan you are! This quiz celebrates the Griffin family matriarch, Lois, and asks just how well you know Lois Griffin.

Some questions you might encounter include topics like Lois's middle name, her age, her maiden name, the number of siblings the redhead has and more. Each question has its own photo (some of which don't even seem to be relevant, to be honest, and mainly exist to make Lois look more appealing) and multiple choice answers.

How did you do? What did you think of this Lois quiz? Are there better Family Guy quizzes that you enjoy?

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