To Kill a Character

Who would you choose?

Let's face it: we all get tired of characters over the years, and our favorite dramas usually take them out now and then to keep things fresh and ensure we don't get too attached, or that we cry ourselves to sleep. Either way, it works for dramas, but what about comedies? We don't usually experience death in comedic TV shows but when characters get overused, sometimes it's time to move on.

Family Guy just said goodbye to some long-term characters because their voice actors passed away, but those probably weren't the characters we needed to see gone. I bet there are plenty of us who wouldn't mind seeing the show lose Chris or Meg--even if one of them just went to college or something--not to mention Brian. How many dog years does he have left, anyway? Of course, even saying that might start a war since Brian is so popular, but sometimes you have to shake things up--and in the case of a cartoon, you can always bring them back if it doesn't work out anyway.

So who would you pick to leave the show, even if for a little while?

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