No Family Guy Or American Dad

Of course they won't be on Disney+, but it does raise some questions

Anyone who was wondering whether or not Family Guy might be listed among the many different shows on Disney+ should know that it will not be featured on the streaming service, and neither will American Dad. This makes perfect sense, as most people figured they'd be kept off the roster of shows to keep them as family-friendly as possible, but they're also already being shown on Hulu.

Of course, Netflix is losing plenty of Disney programming to the streaming service, so it's not like any of the streaming services have eternal "dibs" on a show. Still, we do have some questions given how dark some other Fox and Disney productions have been (Deadpool, anyone?), and with rumors of an R-rated Punisher film, we have to wonder if it will eventually stream anywhere.

Do you think Family Guy should be on the new Disney streaming service? Why or why not?

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