Out of Context and Widely Misunderstood

So are they making LGBTQ jokes or not?

Last episode, Family Guy sort of reverted its stance on LGBTQ jokes, which really wasn't a surprise given the transphobic jokes it aired previously. While it sounded like the show was becoming more woke to the times and less abusive toward the LGBTQ community, in "Disney's The Reboot" Peter was asked about the pledge to be more respectful after yet another weak, lazy joke. Peter's reply? “That quote was taken out of context and widely misunderstood.”

Go figure. Did anyone really have high hopes to begin with? Sure. Many shows have changed over the years, adapting when they understand that some of the jokes or themes that they use hurt people. That's how we've gotten shows like Parks & Rec and Brooklyn 99 which, while far from perfect, move beyond these hurtful jokes that pretty much just stem from bullying. It's a shame that Family Guy won't really commit to the same practice. 

What did you think of the comment and the previous pledge from the show? Do you think it was "widely misunderstood"? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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