Peter Griffin Belongs In Jail

At least, according to this article he does!

Have you ever stopped to consider all of the crimes Peter Griffin is guilty of committing throughout his life? If we added them all up, the idiot would truly be locked away for a long time, assuming Lois's rich father didn't bail him out (he wouldn't), or Joe's cop friends didn't pull strings for him (unlikely). 

Peter has comitted murder, robbed banks, gotten in numerous fights, vandalized property and done so many other things that he would definitely be in big trouble if he were a real person, but that's the same story for most cartoon protagonists in adult programs, right? They literally get away with murder and mayhem in the name of comedy, week after week. And yes, it's often funny for most people watching, so why not?

The question is, what is the worst crime Peter Griffin has ever committed? What do you think? Share your choices in the chat.

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