Peter's Special Blanket

Yeah, it's a real thing now...

Remember back when Peter Griffin designed that special blanket of his so he could engage in other activities while he appeared to simply be snuggling under a blanket? Now it's an actual thing, being sold in actual stores as mainstream as Wal-Mart. It comes complete with the "decoy arms" that Peter designed to ensure it looks like your arms are above the blanket at all times.

I can't even, at this point... It's obviously made for gags, as the arms/hands don't look realistic at all, but the fact that someone would even want this as their gag gift is even goofy to me. I can think of a million other Spencer's gifts I'd rather receive (including their blanket line!), but I guess for diehard fans it would be a funny gift.

Would you buy this Yanket? Do you have one? Tell us about it in the chat!

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