Stewie's POV

Some support this Family Guy theory

Mom. Mommy. Mama. Mom. Mom...

Even those who don't watch Family Guy on the regular know who Stewie Griffin is. One of the most meme-able faces of our time just happens to belong to a foul-mouthed, weirdly British baby with plans for world domination or, at the very least, the Freudian destruction of his own mother. Fun! One of the many things that don't make sense about Stewie is the fact that nobody in the Griffin household understands what he says save for his BFF, the family dog and heavy drinker, Brian.

Some fans are now subscribing to the theory that the show is all told from Stewie's own point of view, which would account for some of its madness as well as imaginative concepts like being understood by an alcoholic dog. Fan theories are all the rage about most shows with heavy followings, and if this one is true, it would make the show make so much more sense, even if it still makes no sense. Does that make sense?

What do you think of this fan theory?


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