Streets Named After Family Guy, South Park

Finally, the recognition adult humor deserves

A subdivision named South Park. That's what the city of Barrie has decided to create, alongside other streets named after famous adult cartoons like Family Guy and The Simpsons. Spooner Street will no longer only be a thing of animated glory but an IRL place to visit and claim to have visited, which is surely the lure that the city council hopes the names will provide the city. The other street, of course, is Evergreen Terrace. 

Those asked, of course, report that the idea is to create more community between neighbors. While we get the novelty of naming streets in this manner, we have to say that we don't think many neighbors typically bond all that much over the names of their streets. If any of them decide to erect a giant Cartman or Peter Griffin inflatable, that might make more of an impact.

What do you think of naming neighborhood streets after cartoons? Would you want the same thing in your neighborhood?

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