Trump Coming to Family Guy

At least two episodes will feature the president

Spoilers ahead!

Peter Griffin as the White House Press Secretary? Honestly it sounds pretty reasonable given the events of the last two years. In fact, it could even be an improvement: we could at least blame all the chaos on a cartoon character, or at least have some rhyme and reason for all of it. This season of Family Guy is set to feature two episodes featuring Donald Trump, who is to witness Peter Griffin on the news, think he's just GREAT and hire him to be the new White House Press Secretary.

Producers say that they are only referencing things the president himself has admitted, which frankly leaves the door wide open for anything. Meg's set to be BFFs with Ivanka and Peter is supposed to actually be a decent father for once, standing up for Meg when Trump takes interest in the underage youth.

What do you think of the spoilers?

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