Trump Is The New Giant Chicken

And this surprises who?

Spoiler alert!

We have more news about the big upcoming battle between Peter Griffin and Donald Trump after Trump makes a pass at Meg (something we could totally see happening, by the way) and it sounds exactly like a fight on Family Guy would go down, particularly given Peter's history of fights with the giant chicken, Ernie. The fight will begin, of course, on Air Force One, before it continues in everywhere from the White House to the National Monument. This fight sounds like the perfect analogy for what Trump's already doing in Washington, including Peter's remarks that he's "cash poor."

As we reported last week, we also know that this will be a two-episode saga, and the two are apparently going to be saved by none other than Justin Trudeau. There will be some jabs at Trump's hair, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and a protrait of President Obama as well. 

Are you looking forward to the two-episode story? What do you think of the spoilers?

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