Who Is The Most Annoying Character?

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There's often a fine line between what's annoying and what's funny when it comes to Family Guy, right? Some characters are just annoying all of the time, and while they deliver a few laughs, you can't help but wince when they're on the screen. Others are often annoying in various ways that get on our nerves, but not enough to where we don't want to watch the show anymore.

This list of most annoying characters is an interesting one, and while I agree with many of the selections (and reasons), I have to argue that Peter is indeed the most annoying character on the show. While that would ruin a show with live actors, or a drama, in a cartoon comedy it's pretty much what makes the show funny. Just look at shows like South Park; they prove that even though a character (like Cartman!) is so annoying that we'd never want to be friends with them in life, we love to laugh at them, for better or for worse.

Who do you think is the most annoying character? Share your thoughts in the chat!

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