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We talk a lot about which Family Guy characters are our favorites and it's easy to choose betweent the various personalities on the show. Both men and women love Lois (often for different reasons), and Brian, Stewie and Peter are often cited as favorites by fans. Then there are some fans who choose Meg or Chris, and may even choose guest characters like the mayor or Peter's boss for their star power, but we don't often discuss our LEAST favorite characters.

Quagmire could easily be a least favorite due to his terrible comments, and even some show leads like Peter and Chris may be hated by some members of the audience. For me, it's got to be Herbert, since he serves to make pedophilia funny, and it's just not. He's a character that's just not funny to me, especially with the rape culture that we live with, and I'm never going to be a Herbert fan.

Which Family Guy character do you think is the worst on the show? Tell us who and why in the chat.

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