June 2009

10 Reasons to Love Lois

One of my favorite things about Family Guy (besides the goofy pop culture references, “the time I…” flashbacks, and whatever zany thing Bruce is going to say next) is the family matriarch, Lois. I know most people have a soft spot for Stewie—and yes, the tot’s got a lot to be admired—and Brian is also pretty awesome, but there’s just something about a woman who can put up with a family as dysfunctional as hers and still manage to pull it all together (most of the time).

Oh, wait. That’s all mothers, isn’t it?

Still, Lois is one awesome mom, and here are 10 reasons to love her.

Bruce, the Token Gay Guy

We all know that Stewie, despite his mini-affairs with characters like Oliva, is definitely the prime gay character of Family Guy. But no matter how many man-loving comments our favorite diabolical toddler utters on any given episode, the character who comes to mind when we think “homosexual” on the show is none other than Bruce.

Bruce is one of my absolutely favorite characters. With his moustache, earring and trademark blue sweater topped with a brown vest, we all know that when Bruce is on screen something really funny is about to happen.