August 2009

So... Is Stewie Gay or What?

With each new Family Guy episode, we think we know a little bit more about the diabolical psyche that makes up Stewie Griffin’s mind. The plots, the deception, the maniacal grinning and blasé dips with death… and then all of the sudden—whoa! We get a curveball. It could be in the form of Stewie actually liking Lois, or actually taking solace from his friendship with Brian…or Stewie being attracted to men?

We’ve had a lot of evidence thrown our way indicating that Stewie is, indeed, gay. Let’s recap:

Give Meg a Break, Already

I’ve never understood why Meg is the Griffin family scapegoat. It never fails that when a new Family Guy episode airs, there’s some line about how fat, ugly, stupid or generally awful Meg is. People have set themselves on fire after looking at her, the popular kids at school hate her, and her own boyfriend ran out on her after seeing her naked. What is the deal?

During the first few seasons, Meg was treated like a normal member of the family, which I think is rightly so; just add a little makeup, boobs and change her hair color and you’ve basically got a mini-Lois, right? Meg has no openly ugly characteristics; compared to the rest of the town, she looks pretty normal, if not pretty, period. So why the hate fest?