April 2010

"April In Quahog"

Almost fifteen years ago, I was involved in a small and relatively close-knit USENET community.  For April Fool's, I cooked up a "hilarious" plan with the person I was most closely aligned with.  She and I would pretend to have a big knock-down blow-out argument right out in public.  A real knuckle-duster.  Wouldn't that be funny!  

After the first few volleys of posts back and forth, everyone was horrified.  Some people were so upset by the fighting that they were literally sitting at their computers in tears.  

Then it really began to spiral out of control.  People started picking sides, and getting nasty with each other.  It soon devolved into an all-out war, with at least one very prominent person openly saying "I never liked her anyway."  

The Cleveland Show

Since we didn't get a new episode of Family Guy this week, I decided to poke around through Hulu's archives and give The Cleveland Show a try.  I hadn't watched it before because I frankly wasn't interested.  And having watched some episodes?  I'm going to have to stand by that initial knee-jerk reaction.

The biggest hurdle for me is that The Cleveland Show is a spin-off based on the Family Guy character that I find the most boring.  Cleveland Brown has had a few good lines over the years.  ("Hey baby, how would you like to go black and then make a difficult decision regarding whether or not to go back?")  But "a few good lines" is great for a secondary character.  Not so great if you put that character in the spotlight.