December 2010

"Road to the North Pole"

As if trying to make up for last week's abomination, this week brings us a one-hour episode of Family Guy which may well be their all-time best episode.  I'm a fan of holiday episodes, and this may be my #1 favorite holiday episode of anything, of all time.

Back in 1999, after Fox aired the Christmas episode of Futurama, there was so much hue and cry that they refused to air it again.  People (both viewers and network executives) felt it was too violent, too scary, with the robot Santa hunting down any humans unlucky enough to be left undefended on Christmas (well, Xmas) night.  The episode only saw the light of day for a second time when the DVD set came out.

"Beer Walk," The Cleveland Show/Family Guy Crossover

This week's Animation Domination has been heavily flogged as a Cleveland Show/Family Guy crossover.  I admit it, I was intrigued.  In my head (where unicorns fart glitter and kittens deliver coffee to my desk on command) I imagined it being like the Star Trek TOS episode with the mirror universe.  Or maybe like that Family Guy episode where they went to Ireland, and Peter's father's best friend was just like Brian, except a sheep.

Imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be basically a walk-on part.  And a full hour of The Cleveland Show.