May 2011

"It's A Trap"

I literally groaned out loud when I saw the ad. "Next on Fox, an hour-long Family Guy Return of the Jedi special!" I have talked aplenty about how much I dislike the Family Guy Star Wars episodes.

Stewie: "We're about to do Jedi, aren't we?"
Peter: [sighs] "Let's just get through this."

"Foreign Affairs"

My biggest problem with this episode is that I couldn't connect to the core story, which is Bonnie and Joe's crumbling marriage.

First of all, if Bonnie is feeling unfulfilled in their marriage, then she has a right to end it. This whole idea that couples should stay together just for their kids is a bad one, if you ask me. You know what kids like? Parents who aren't constantly bickering.

Second, we have already been through this story, and it was a lot funnier the first time. The episode where Cleveland's first wife Loretta cheated on him with Quagmire is outstanding. And Cleveland's emotional range in the episode was impressive. By comparison, Bonnie and Joe just kinda sit there staring blankly.

S1E7: Brian: Portrait of a Dog

Here's something I have never understood about this episode: what's the deal with the early scene where Stewie asks Chris "You! You seem to know all the players in this poorly acted farce! What do they call that one?" Even Chris is taken aback, answering "That's Meg, dude. You know that."

It might barely make sense in a pilot episode, stilted though it is. But in the seventh and final episode of the first season, it's just inexplicable.

Anyway, in this episode a record heatwave has gripped Quahog in its sweaty, slippery grasp. And like all cartoon families, the Griffins lack central air conditioning.

"The Big Bang Theory"

First of all, I have to give wholehearted thanks to Fox and Hulu. I wasn't able to make it home in time to watch Family Guy last night. Luckily Fox and Hulu have an agreement whereby Sunday night's episode is posted to Hulu on Monday morning. SO. GREAT.

Have you been wondering what happened to Stewie's time machine from the "Road to the Multiverse" episode? Me neither! I had forgotten all about it, actually. But here we are with a hard-core time travel episode, and one which contradicts an earlier Family Guy, at that. (An episode once portrayed the "Big Bang" as being God's fart.)