June 2011

S2E5, "Love Thy Trophy"

In this episode, Peter's theme ("That Episode of "Who's The Boss" Where Tony Sees Angela In The Shower Naked") is chosen for Quahog's Harvest Festival Parade. Worst parade theme ever? Perhaps, but all the more puzzling for the floats that manage to botch the theme. It's a parade, not a pop quiz. Best not to dwell on the logic, there.

S2E4, "Brian in Love"

This episode opens with a wonderful sequence where Stewie visits destruction upon Mr. Rogers and the Land of Make Believe. It's then quickly followed up by a more disturbing sequence, a classic "Family Guy re-imagines old TV shows" that riffs on The Jetsons.

We quickly move on to the main plot, which is Brian's sudden inability to hold his bladder. Although he initially tries to blame it on Stewie, the truth of Brian's "accidents" is soon revealed.

S2E3: Da Boom

This episode originally aired on December 26, 1999: the day after Christmas, and just a few days before the end of the millennium. If memory serves, all of the Fox animation shows had millennium episodes that night. (King of the Hill had the real stand-out episode, with Dale Gribble stockpiling Mountain Dew and planning to breed "gerbsters.")

Television shows from the time would have you believe that the entire nation was in a survivalist panic. Frankly, this wasn't really the case. Sure, a lot of people lost their heads, but most people felt like the world was probably going to keep turning just as it always had. And so it did.

S2E2: "Holy Crap"

This episode introduces Peter's father, Francis Griffin. (Although we later learn that Francis is actually Peter's stepfather, let's not split hairs this early in the show's development.) Francis is a crusty old Catholic dude, who is introduced just as he is being forced to retire from his career at the Pawtucket Mill.

S2E1, "Peter Peter, Caviar Eater"

The episode begins when Lois' fabulously wealthy Aunt Marguerite comes to visit for a week, and immediately drops dead. She wills her luxurious summer home in Newport - Cherrywood - to the Griffins, who move in immediately.

This is the first of several episodes which explores the gulf between the Griffin family and Lois's insanely wealthy family, the Pewterschmidts. Lois and Peter's earliest days have been retold several different ways, but the core story always remains the same: Peter was a towel boy who caught Lois's eye at the pool.