July 2011

S4E24 "Peterotica"

We begin this episode as Peter and the guys visit Quagmire's favorite dirty bookstore. Peter buys an erotic novel, and is disappointed at the fare. Naturally, Peter decides that he could do a better job himself. And I think we all have to admit that Peter is right:
"It was past midnight when the blonde smokin' hot lab assistant, who looked a little like Heather Locklear but with bigger jugs, was grabbed and thrown onto the lab table. He ripped off her lab coat and she grabbed his metallic extension. Oh, did I mention he was a robot? Because that's kinda important. Yeah, a robot. Awesome."

S4E14, "PTV"

This episode starts with a cold open in which Osama Bin Laden is filming a message to American infidels, but keeps screwing up his lines. It's pitch perfect as far as these things go, as anyone who has suffered through a lengthy blooper reel can attest. Bin Laden's weak-ass "comedy" is one of the funniest things this show may ever have produced.

S4E15 "Brian Goes Back to College"

This Brian-centric episode begins with the set-up for the "B plot," wherein Peter, Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland dress up as the A Team for Quahog's 1980s television convention. They win the costume contest, but can't relinquish their roles after the convention is over.
Brian covers the convention for the Daily Shopper. His article (titled "TV Convention Gets Good Reception") catches the eye of someone at the New Yorker, who invites Brian out to work as a contributing reporter.

Unfortuntely, when the New Yorker learns that Brian never finished college, they kick him to the curb (literally). It turns out that Brian left Brown University just one course shy of graduating. We never get much explanation for what happened, beyond Brian's vague explanation that he "cracked under the pressure."
This episode revolves around Brian being unable to pass a physics course. Which raises an awful lot of questions, none of which are satisfactorily addressed, if you ask me. It seems to me that pretty much anyone can graduate college, if they keep at it. Maybe you change your major, or maybe you take some easier classes. Is advanced physics a required course? And if so, why did Brian pass all the prerequisites? Basically it seems like someone will either flunk out of college after the first year, or make it all the way through.
Stewie stows away with Brian, and ends up having a lot more fun at college than Brian does. He discovers things about himself, such as the fact that he is "all about Ultimate Frisbee." And that not bathing is fun, apparently?

S4E8, "8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter"

I have always felt that this episode is one of the most solid in the show's entire run. It splits into the two main plots right in the first scene: Meg is bored and frustrated with being constantly asked to babysit Stewie. Lois and Peter decide to indulge her, and hire a babysitter. Later that night on their way to dinner they stop by Mort's pharmacy so that Peter can buy some condoms. When Peter discovers that he forgot to bring his money, Mort offers to "start a tab."

S2E6, "Death is a Bitch"

While fooling around one night, Lois discovers a breast lump - on Peter. Turns out he's okay, but in order to escape the medical bills, Peter fakes his own death. And then Death comes to collect him anyway. Which doesn't make a lot of sense, but whatever.
(And we're back to the old Meg Voice, by the way.)