August 2011

Fox-y Lady

This episode opens with the guys at the Clam comparing driver's licenses, in one of the funniest cold opens of the show's run. Peter got drunk before having his picture taken, so that when a cop pulls him over, they will look at his drunken picture and be all, "Oh, you're not drunk, this is how you always look." Cleveland's picture has a preposterous smile, because he had just gotten a new tube of toothpaste. Poor Joe - they were all out of "disabled," so his driver's license says "retarded."
And Quagmire's license reveals the surprising fact that he was born in 1948. His secret? Carrots. "Sometimes I grind them up into juice, or just eat them raw. Or insert them anally. Long as I get them into my body somehow."

"I Dream of Jesus"

I don't know why they didn't just call this "The Surfin Bird Episode," since everything else about it is trivial. Yes, this is the episode which brought us Peter's obsession with "Surfin' Bird," and what more is there to say?
But before we talk about whether or not you have heard about the bird, let me just say that this episode has one of my most, and one of my least favorite moments. And that they occur just moments apart.

"Movin' Out (Brian's Song)"

I would say that approximately 92% of what I like about this episode is the way it proves Quagmire right: Brian is a real jerk.
Brian's relationship with Jillian was a wonderful, multi-episode mini-arc in the show. This episode, in which Brian decided to man up and move in with Jillian, took the relationship a lot farther than I thought they would. And I was particularly surprised when the ending of the show, like, "took." As in, things weren't just back to normal afterward. It has to be one of the few examples where an episode actually had a lasting impact on the show's world.

"The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou"

In this episode, Stewie gets super tan! Peter takes Stewie to the golf course for the afternoon to play a round with Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe. Unfortunately, he neglects to put sunblock on Stewie, who comes home with a lovely sun-kissed glow.
Dangerous though it may be, Stewie falls in love with his new George Hamilton look. He embraces his new identity as "Tan Stewie," a 1970s swinger who wears white suits, a pencil mustache, and enjoys the occasional pool party in the back yard.