September 2011

"Lottery Fever"

Hooray for the return of the fall season! Is it just me, or did this summer's "rerun doldrums" last way longer than usual? At any rate, I'm glad to have new episodes back on the air, even if they don't always live up to expectations.
Last night some of the best Family Guy moments actually happened on the Cleveland Show, in a crossover episode that saw Cleveland getting the cold shoulder from Peter. It was surprisingly touching, and surprisingly funny in places (as when Stewie and Brian answer the door - or fail to). I've never thought much of The Cleveland Show, but it's really shown an improvement.


This episode first aired six years ago. In 2005, what has recently become known as "the R word" was I guess not such a big deal. Would they do a show prominently featuring the term "retarded" today? It's hard to say - after all, we're talking about the show that last year included a hilarious musical number "Downs Syndrome Gal."
We open with a series of Family Game Nights including Twister, Cleveland's civil rights board game, and a game of Trivial Pursuit in which Peter struggles with the question, "What color is a fire truck?" Flush with his success (Lois swapped in the kid's version questions for Peter), he annoys everyone until Brian finally challenges him to get officially tested as a genius.