February 2012

"Be Careful What You Fish For"

I was more fascinated by the "B plot," where Brian discovers that Stewie's daycare is the worst place ever.
I suppose it's a function of the fact that Rhode Island is… well, an island… that there have been so many fishing-related Family Guy episodes. I can think of three off the top of my head, not to mention the recurring character of the Sea Captain. 
Nevertheless, there are so many things to do in the world, sometimes it feels a little lazy for them to keep going back to the same well. Heck, last night American Dad climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (and the artwork for that location was INCREDIBLE). But here we are on a show which is in every way inferior to American Dad, and we're fishing again.

"Tom Tucker: The Man And His Dream"

How much Tom Tucker is enough? Clearly, less than this episode.
Bringing in a secondary character to become the focus of an entire episode is a staple of long-running shows like Family Guy. And it's a welcome one. It brings richness to the town, the panoply of characters, the history and connections between everyone on the show.
But why do they keep bringing in Tom Tucker? Tom Tucker is probably the least interesting character in the entire Family Guy universe. Any shred of interestingness in his character has long since been explored, chewed, digested, and stamped to death for any last shred of juice remaining.