March 2012

"Forget Me Not"

I feel like I've already spent more time thinking about this episode than the show's producers did.
Let's say you wake up one day in a hospital bed with no memory of who you are or how you got there. You stagger out of your room and find a grand total of three other people. (Well, two people and a talking dog, but let's not quibble.) To all appearances, the world - aside from you four - is completely and totally abandoned.
What do you do?

"Killer Queen"

A surprisingly (for Family Guy) well-plotted episode
I really need to watch this episode again in order to appreciate it properly. The entire time I was watching it, I kept absent-mindedly assuming that the plot had rambled off the rails, as it always does. And then time after time I was startled to suddenly realize that its plot had actually stayed right on track, even meandering off and connecting in some directions I didn't expect. It says something about this show, that it's surprising when it turns out a well plotted episode. Has the whole world gone topsy-turvy?

"Burning Down the Bayit"

Seriously, though. This episode was terrible.
This episode has everything I dislike in a Family Guy episode. It has genuine crime - arson and insurance fraud - plus a whole bunch of moralizing about the evils of insurance companies. Good grief, what are you, 80? Talking about how insurance companies cheat the little guy? Thanks for that, grandpa. Pass the mashed potatoes.
The derivative Jewish humor is just plain sad. Oh, Mort can't understand "buy one get one free" when it applies to his own store, but he can when it's at another store? HA HA BECAUSE JEWISH PEOPLE ARE SUPER CHEAP Y'ALL. I don't often criticize shows for lazy humor (because it's the ultimate lazy criticism). But in this case, that is definitely the laziest humor you could possibly trot out in this situation. I'm surprised they didn't make fun of Mort for having a big nose. (A joke they have run in other contexts, by the way.)