April 2012

"Mr. And Mrs. Stewie"

Objectively, this was a pretty decent episode. But maybe I'm just dulled to the charms of Family Guy, but all of this episode's high points reminded me of other, better things.
In this episode, Stewie finally meets his match: a little girl named Penelope (voiced by Cate Blanchett) who is really, truly a homicidal maniac.
This reminded me of: the South Park episode where Cartman wins a game of "Who's More Hardcore?" with Bart Simpson. 
Cartman: What's the worst thing you've ever done?
Bart: I stole the head off a statue once.
Cartman: Wow, that's pretty hardcore. Geez. That's like this one time, when I didn't like this kid? So I ground his parents up into chili and fed it to him.

"You Can't Do That On Television, Peter"

Do the show's creators really know so little about how the human body works?
Some episodes of Family Guy fail because they go too far in one weird, unpleasant direction or another. (Need I bring up the issue of the "very special Thanksgiving episode" that was all about the Iraq war? Ugh.) Other episodes fail because they bring nothing of interest to the table.
This was one of the latter.