April 2017

Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game

Family Guy's Freakin Mobile Game is out and reviews aren't all stellar, but it's what you would expect from a free match game with different levels to unlock from game challenges. Some of the worst complaints stem from the terrible dialogue between characters and the lack of any real creativity in the game, but most fans agree that the app reminds them of the show, and isn't that what it should do? 

Little-Known Family Guy Facts

Are you a hardcore Family Guy fan? If so, you should know everything about the show…right? Recently Screen Rant published an article about the facts that fans probably don’t know about the show and there are some incredible things to learn.

For example, did you know that William H. Macy wanted to be the voice of Brian, or that the original Lois Griffin was blonde? How about the fact that Death was supposed to be a regular on the show?