May 2017

Family Guy Takes on Trump

Family Guy has been taking on Donald Trump and political issues lately, and while some people have been enjoying the satirical portayals and general inappropriateness, others believe that the show has been way too inconsistent to even be entertaining. Recently, for example, two points of view were supported in regards to immigration, making the show appear to cater to both sides of the political aisle rather than polarize its audience.

Favorite Neil Moments

He may be one of the most annoying characters to ever be on television. Despite that, and despite her supposed hatred of him, Meg Griffin has certainly had some intense times with Neil Goldman. The Goldman family is, like pretty much every other family on the show, a grotesque exaggeration of a culture, emodying pure stereotypical behavior--in this case, that of a Jewish family. Many people hate that the show is known for such ridiculous portrayals of people, while others find it hilarious.

The Creepiest Animated Character

There's a reason why his name rhymes with the word pervert. Herbert is quite possibly the creepiest guy in all cartoondom, and you have to wonder who likes the character. He's an obvious pedophile, which makes him someone to detest rather than celebrate. It seems as if audiences let it slide because A. he lusts after Chris Griffin, who isn't desireable and is a boy, which are both ridiculous arguments that are used against any survivor who has been scoffed at ("Who would want you?!") and B.

Family Guy Renewed

Family Guy fans, rejoice: Family Guy has been renewed for yet another season. (Where there really ever any doubts?) It will be the 15th season of the show when the new season commences for 2017 to 2018. While viewership has decreased among the show's fans, ratings still remain fairly solid, prompting the network to continue running one of America's favorite irreverant cartoon comedies.